MADZOOKCoaching Style 


     “Everyone deserves and requires a non – judgmental place where they may share and discuss their own thoughts, frustrations, joys, confessions, and confidential questions or opinions". At MADZOOK we listen to you first, then we offer you our candid and objective discussions without judging you, or “telling” you, how to “fix” anything. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN! You are developing and evolving.”

     We listen to YOU. Then we discuss applicable varying concepts, constructs, action steps, and highlight some specific potential discovery reality with you. Together we will evaluate or identify what your own goals of improvement and perceived limitations are. Discovering together the areas of personal growth concern, perceived or actual blockages that you face, various specific issues that you may encounter, or any area(s) of emptiness that have been obstructing your personal evolution or your feelings of fullness. We start by locating where specific applications of additional knowledge may unlock the greatest potentials and skills that are just waiting to be found within you! You will learn the power of reflective thinking, critical thought analysis, the importance of communication, and methods of skill development and mastery of all three important humanistic domains of functional importance – Cognitive (thinking, and analyzing), Affective (emotional stability, and feelings), Physical (the mastery of the human vessel, how the systems work and function together).

     We provide motivational guidance, emotional safety, individual clarity, accountability, exposure to epistemology, and self – awareness cognitive mapping. You will begin to feel more empowered and educated in areas of unknown realms for discovery. You will reinforce your existing knowledge and enhance your skill sets, and you will become better at thriving each day. You are no longer going to be struggling to find your purpose or feel like you are lost or confused. Together we will openly explore ideas or potential avenues, that are perhaps unknown to you prior to the supportive, and educational relationship that we establish together. A relationship born of life experiences and formal education of ourselves, and some of the greatest minds known to humanity. You will begin by exploring the minds, histories, or actions, that include Eastern philosophy, and Western Science Masters of their fields or practices, comparing and contrasting them to your current and past personal choices, and the environments in which you dwell.

     You are going to discover the value of finding your own proximity to greatness! We, as humans, are all seekers of more knowledge, valuable skills, and our individual purpose. MADZOOK shares with you, what they have discovered along their continuous journey.  Assisting you with constructing and optimizing your own performance enhancement and individual human development. We will not judge you, patronize you, or instruct you on what your own choices should be. Choices arise from a discovery of your individual desires, needs, values, and perceptions of reality. Personal choices are always up to you to make! We will coach you. We will listen to you. We will provide meritorious information for you, and we will never tell you how to become YOU or what our version of you should be! – MADZOOK

“I want to be a witness, a witness of you becoming great by your own standards and measures, not by mine or some other persons’ mandates. I do not want to tell you how to become great by buying my programing, my trinket, or my elixir! I want to discuss with you the potential pathways, and elements of greatness and perhaps demonstrate or discover with you how you may achieve and maximize optimization for your own individual personal enhancement(s) or personal development. I simply want you to become the YOU that you desire, not by trying to become or copy someone else, but by defining who and what you are, individually. – MadzookJoe

“Those seeking to thrive spend their energy on developing strength, they focus on the challenges of the best opportunity, they build ships. They spend their days looking for way to achieve success. Those seeking to survive focus on the weakness, they spend their energy on looking for potential problems to solve, they make sure the lifeboats aboard the ships do not have any holes in them, they count the life jackets, they spend their days trying to prevent failures – the choice is yours to make, focus on finding success, or focus on avoiding failure” – MadzookJoe