Coaching Process

     Initial contact – Once you have determined to take the next step toward your own journey of self – development. You made a great choice to participate in a method of self–discovery, and performance enhancement. A choice that will provide you with some focused clarity and educational exposure options. Opening additional cognitive and emotional pathways toward a life-long, continuous process of personal evolution and growth. Upon receiving an initial contact request from you. We will humbly make the assumption that you have taken some of your valuable time to read the written material on this website concerning our philosophy, our coaching style, our established credentials of competence, watched our YouTube videos, read our blog articles, or all of the above. Once your initial e-mail is received someone from Madzook will respond to you so that we may together establish a scheduled 30-minute discussion time for a coaching/client relationship compatibility determination session.

      During that compatibility discussion session we discover what it is that you are looking for from a coach, what your current and desired dispositions are, and what type of coaching product that we may offer for your needs, wants, and personal development choices. We will listen to your questions, your thoughts, acquire your personal information details to start your client file, and determine the specific communication protocols for our future correspondence and contact meetings serving our mutual time and efficacy purposes.

60 minute personal discussion session

     MADZOOK will send a pre-coaching session document for client to advise of subject matter, personal contact info, and any questions known (what is it that you know that you want to talk about, ask us, or inquire research information of). Client will receive a follow up e-mail documenting and outlining the highlights of the coaching session discussion and any suggestions made, possible new questions discovered for your consideration and examination, or perhaps potentially relevant research documents that may be applicable for helping you discover more detailed information with a potential correlation to your issue, concern, or query. All discussion sessions are an individual coaching product. To ensure compatibility, and satisfaction, the first paid for coaching session is fully refundable and all refunded requests must be made prior to the second coaching session, or within a seven day period from the first coaching session, whichever comes first. There are no refunds issued for any subsequent single coaching session purchased after that initial session. There are no contractual obligation to continue with additional sessions. Each session is scheduled by your need as an individual client.

All Sport and Performance Psychology consultations will be arranged by specificity of need discovered or discussed with each individual client during the first introductory session.

The Madzook Self-Discover resource Kit is a great place to begin with minimal investment monetarily. Take the tools and information and use it to determine ways and methodology that suits your personal development. Many clients choose this option prior to scheduling additional coaching sessions for a deeper understanding and exposure to potential elements of personal development specific to their need or want. This item is delivered upon receipt of payment and any subsequent contact with Madzook is at the clients initiation and determination of purpose.