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Self-Discovery, Performance Enhancement & Personal Development Coaching Session

     One-on-one hourly discussion via telephone, WhatsApp, LINE, or dependent on our current geographical location proximity any personal sessions are also physically available when geographically possible.

     One-hour open conversations with a competent coach are available for you without any long – term obligations, at the rate of $100.00/hour by scheduled appointment. The subject matter of the discussion is up to you. We provide confidentiality and our learned unbiased informative and practical guidance, assistance, or potential leads for enhancing your epistemology, ontology, or self -discovery. Advice, propositions, or questions for you to consider that are born of academic knowledge, and Worldly life experiences. Experiences and knowledge that offers you a potential for new or varied exposures to evidence – based research, personal experiences, articles or professional positions of your specific query, interest, or concern.

     Perhaps the path(s) for you to consider will manifest during the conversation. We listen to you, fully! Then, we attempt to assist you with deeper and more Socratic discovery for whatever the issue is that has caused you to seek the conversation. Everybody needs someone to talk with sometime! We give you our ear, our insight, and our highly competent assistance, for your choice of discussion subject(s). Speak about whatever you might need assistance with, another set of perspectives to consider, access to extensive academic discovery, or effective emotional subjects, opening or bridging the specificity of the limits or perceived limitations regarding any personal issue, reinforcement potential, or overcoming blockage(s) that you want to mitigate, eliminate or discover deeper considerations of.

 The MADZOOK Self-Discovery Resource Kit:

For some people the opportunity to self-assess, and self-guide is a solution where they may thrive. If the idea for you of seeking, is one that looks for personal involvement with more self-control, autonomy of influences or input during the process, then the MADZOOK Self-Guided option is for you! Madzook Joe is available for additional private discussion coaching calls by scheduled appointment. If you choose to navigate the path with awesome resources alone, or if you decide to select some coaching conversations, you do so by your own choice or need! A great value opportunity for the person looking for some useful resource material that will assist them on their self-discovery journey!

The etiology, the genesis for all performance enhancement or personal development, opens with self-discovery as the mandated foundational construct. Madzook has crafted and assembled a series of resource material for the personal evolution to begin. The Madzook self-discovery resource kit is filled with information that inspires you to discover your deepest self, to aspire to reach mastery in your personal development process, and to optimize your performance reaching a proficiency level through the mindset of seeking how to become who and what you want to become. Your initial pathway toward enhanced self-discovery will lead you down the best roads for your personal development and performance enhancement. The greatest buildings ever assembled all required the strongest of foundations to be in place before those buildings could be erected and shaped into the iconic structures of eventual precision and mastery.

     The Madzook self-discovery resource kit contains information on the mindset of six of the Worlds masters in personal development from psychology and education legends. A true proximity to greatness that increases your personal journey through a master’s eyes and thoughts for behavioral modification, control, design, progression, and education. Inside the resource kit you will find six folders introducing you to the works of these masters in their fields. You will receive eleven (11) descriptive user’s guides on how to utilize the worksheets and to design specific journal techniques and reflective thinking through Socratic questioning and purpose. You will receive fifteen (15) worksheets specific to your self-discovery and for your own personal development analysis and creative influences that manifest productivity. Your minimal investment is the monetary expense of $24.95, your most important investment is your willingness to engage in the participatory process, and your valuable time spent on creating self-mastery through a strong foundational basis of self-discovery.

Thank you for the opportunity to share some knowledge and experience with you! Please follow our blog here or our YouTube and Instagram accounts linked from this website. If you are anywhere near us geographically, we would love to buy you a coffee and chat! May your journey be long, prosperous, and wisdom filled! Remember you always get a set of choices to make each day – choose to BE BETTER every day, because best is only a temporary state. Being better is unlimited in capacity or boundary!

Sport & Performance Psychology Consultation

Proficiency over sufficiency - if you want to exceed your current capacity and discover what the depths and potential of your fullest and greatest potentials can become. We can help with your specific circumstances, and needs. Maximize your talents and minimize your obstructions, and barriers for optimized performance levels. US Dollars $100.00/ 60 minute session. Only $125.00/90 minute session.