Communication guidelines

MADZOOK - Coaching Call Procedure

     Together, we will set a scheduled time for our appointment. I will then contact you by Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, or by telephone call, whichever is your preference. Personal, physical meetings are possible when I am either located in the office in the USA, or we are in the same city as you are located geographically. In some countries that I travel abroad, the use of the WhatsApp, LINE, or Facebook Messenger apps may be the mandated method of personal communication for our coaching call session. Communication may still be possible through a phone call option, if I am out of the USA. The specific phone call option(s) will depend on the country of  our physical locations (yours and mine), communication infrastructure of said country, and any potential unknown prohibitions for such a phone call to the USA, or any other country of your physical location, or mine, at the time of the scheduled communication session.

     I spend a lot of time in Thailand, where a phone call to the all other Asian countries, USA (North America), Australia, South Africa, most of South America, or Europe is also a possibility. The best suggestion, one for the most accessibility of communication options for our discussion contact, is to acquire WhatsApp on your mobile device, or through Facebook Messenger. Both of these options will allow for a direct calling option and the ability to send me text messages.

     Some countries that I travel through may prohibit a phone call and mandate that one of the other methods are used. This is rare, but possible. The best specific communication methods between us will be discussed in our initial contact meeting on a case by case basis. A pre-session document may be exchanged prior to any coaching calls.

MADZOOK - E–Mail Procedure

      If you are a client of MADZOOK, you can send as many e-mails as you wish. Each week I will respond on a specified day of the week for the e-mails that you have sent to me during that week, if the e-mails are outside of our normal specified coaching contact dialogue. During our coaching sessions we may set some follow–up e-mails, and some other situational e-mail exchange times as a part of our coaching method based on necessity as discovered within the progression of the program. The process of specificity may determine that we exchange e-mail correspondence more frequently as part of the process. If the e-mail contact is general in nature, or positions questions that you would like to discuss in a future unspecified coaching session, then the weekly response will be the normal expectation.

     If you are a client of the single call discussion hour product then all e-mail communication received from you post discussion session, will be responded to you approximately 24 hours prior to your next scheduled discussion session. Prearranged follow–up e-mail that were determined during any discussion session will be responded too within 48 hours of receipt.

     Any Client sending an e-mail to reschedule an arranged discussion call session must do so at least 48-hours prior to the scheduled discussion time in order to receive a make up session credit. Any e-mails that are sent to reschedule a discussion session, that are not time stamped 48-hours prior to the discussion time scheduled (all calls will be arranged based on E.S.T. USA time zone) will lose that session and not be provided with a make–up session. We understand emergencies, and will work with those specifically, cancelling a session is a choice and part of the process with MADZOOK is learning better time–management and personal accountability. If you cancel last minute, this does not help you or us in any way. Emergency cancellations will be discussed on a specific basis but also hold much in limitations of acceptance (valid emergency only).

     All new client e-mail, or inquiry e-mails sent to will be answered ASAP in order of receipt. We check our e-mail twice a day, and we set aside one hour a day to specifically respond to any new client or inquiry e-mails that we receive.

MADZOOK - Instant Message or Chat Procedure

     I am available to you as necessary in the case of an emergency contact issue. You may send me an instant message through our social media chat options, or you may text me if I am in the USA. (I change sim cards when outside of USA and will not receive texts, unless you text the number I am using at that time in that country – it is possible, but you will need to acquire the number to text me at) – be sure to discuss instant contact options with me accordingly. I always announce my travel plans. Alternatively, our YouTube channel, or Instagram accounts, will also indicate where we are physically located, geographically, in most cases.

     A secondary alternative but not exactly instant would be to send me an e-mail with the subject stating “EMERGENCY CONTACT” – I will respond as soon as physically possible to do so after I see the message. In some cases of specific client program design, we may determine a more expanded communication with instant messenger, or chat, as the mode of our communication. LINE is a best choice option if you are in Asia, and WhatApp is another primary option to ensure that you can communicate with me via text messaging.

MADZOOK - Document Exchange Procedure

     All documents of MADZOOK will be sent via Dropbox link as an attached Word document or PDF. Some items such as a book employed, and journals utilized may be mailed to you, or in the case of postage cost restrictions if you are located outside of the USA, a digital option will be sent for you to print and assemble. In the case of all signature required documents from you, we will send you the document via e-mail as a Word document, you will print it, sign it, scan it, and resend it back via e-mail as a signed copy – or you may download the word document to your device and sign it digitally by printing your full name, acknowledging that you are digitally signing the document in the “sign here” section. Then include a scan, or image capture of your government issued ID card attached separately or added to the existing word document. All communication between us is kept in strict confidentiality and will never be exposed by us, shared with, or used by anyone outside of our coaching relationship.