International Sport & Performance Psychology Consultant

Joe Jekel uses the MADZOOK philosophy of Be Better as the foundational theme for all consultations. The purpose is to find ways and methods that help you become better at your specific performance capacity, or your adherence to a lifestyle that supports increased performance and functional optimization. Increasing or improving your mental skills will advance your training, facilitate higher learning, and empower your performance. Some specific areas of concern or possible types of assistance that a Sport Psychology Consult might be able to provide for YOU!

  • Improve Confidence

  • Understand types and purposes of motivation

  • Enhance your composure for both a preparation or competition environment

  • Eliminate or minimize personal doubt, fear, or reservation.

  • Reframe, or diminish fear of failure, performance anxiety, or embarrassment

  • Increase intensity with purpose

  • Establish stronger self-efficacy (Subconsciously trust your skills)

  • Increase your self- esteem (feel good about who you are as a performer)

  • Discover your Zone of Optimal Performance and help you find ways of staying there.

  • Visualization

  • Self-talk

  • Arousal control

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Optimize your holistic training

  • Stress management

  • Exercises for mental skills hygiene

  • Improve cognitive capacity – improve your learning skills and memory

  • Advanced communication skills

  • Evaluate and explore leadership styles and constructs

  • Understand how mental skills affect endurance, strength, power, and decision making during high–stakes performance

  • Discover and assess obstacles and barriers in training, competition, or performance

  • Increased awareness and mindfulness

  • Understand depths and breadth of connectivity with motor skills and sensory processing

  • Establish greater mind – body connectivity intentions both conscious and subconscious

  • Establish or re-establish your enjoyment in your sport or performance field

  • Improve your practice and preparation strategy, tactics, and adherence, to realize your full potential

  • Enhance your concentration level and skills

  • Identifying destructive emotions and anger control mechanisms or processes

Madzook Joe works with clients all around the World to improve personal performance. All discussion sessions are conducted in the English language. However, through the use of Google translator or other means of written translation and with some extra communication to ensure correct translation for intent and meaning. Madzook Joe is willing and able to serve international and multicultural performers.

All communication is 100% confidential and disclosure of any communication to third party is only done through legal mandate by country of jurisdictional authority to make such demands. Laws around the World vary on this issue of confidentiality. Confidentiality is warranted with the utmost ethical intention and protection for all communications between Madzook Joe and you, the client. Remaining confidentially protected within the legal boundaries to do so. Please know the laws of your country in regard to personal information disclosure rights. Madzook Joe will never provide or disclose information without a legal order mandating an obligation to comply.