The most important foundational elements of the MADZOOK philosophy; enjoy your life by participating in the process of your own self-discovery and personal development through performance enhancement, and that you can create your own happiness with your own daily choices!

Joe and Joy SuperBowl 2012
Joy Meditation in the Park
Joe and Joy in Chiangmai for Loy Krathong

     The foundations of MADZOOK , the genesis of all human development, performance enhancement, and optimal functionality discovery is born of the self. We must be candid, unafraid of embracing our strengths, our beauty, our minds, our bodies, our souls. Confidence to be who we are, and to evolve into what we want to become. Appreciating your own growth, freedom, and discovery by acknowledging and loving who you are working to be!

     Confidence so strong, that we recognize the beauty, strength, intelligence, and individuality of others without envy, or covetousness, or pride and doubt. We do not cast our judgements on others for what they choose or how they live confidently. We value their beauty, their strength, their ability to stand tall and model the best parts of humanity without fear, regret, doubt, or a suppression by some others indignant adjudications. We advocate evaluating the actions of those we decide to surround ourselves with or environments in which we prosper, grow, evolve, and develop. Embrace all that you are.Be or become confident enough to show the World your strength, your beauty, your intelligence, your love, your kindness, and your superpowers that contribute to the greater collective, as you develop optimally and individually. If another takes issue with that, then so be it - that is not your concern, or your barrier!   

“No matter what or who you believe is the creator, maintenance of the creation is always left up to us as a spiritual enhancement responsibility”  - MadzookJoe

“Suppression by way of adjudications in morality, alter genuine humanity” - MadzookJoe

“If we all tried better as individual people to live good, then the good people of the world would live better” - MadzookJoe


     A collective of free thinkers and those that aspire, or inspire, people that want to learn, and those that share what they know. The individuals living a lifestyle of holistic inclusion, coupled with the specific separations that make individuation of a collective, a very unique realism. The outliers are the ones that create their own normative acceptances among the identifications and philosophy put forth by the MADZOOK way of life.

"Greatness is always found in the outliers, never discovered in the normative set - greatness is developed and individual participation is mandatory! Be BETTER, you determine your skills and how to improve them through asking the right questions, discovery is the key" - MadzookJoe

Our Story

     MADZOOK – A philosophical and participatory lifestyle brand of personal services. including holistic life coaching, physical, mental, and spiritual fitness performance enhancements, personal human development methods and modalities for individual, small group, or corporate program designs. Education, Self – Discovery, Personal Freedom, Candor and Reality based discourse, is what we ascribe to share. Feel good, look good, think good, do good, become great! Be better, everyday!

     We seek to provide – Inspiration, Motivation, Support, Knowledge, and Skills, through our guidance and experiences in an honest, safe, learning and self –discovery environment. One without judgment that originates from an ideology that in order to become who you want, you must be who you are – sometimes we all need to understand better how to discover what this means for us, without being told what it means for others. It is counterproductive to oppress your own thoughts, skills, and beauty because another is intimidated, or envious of your strengths and capabilities. Being or becoming better, every time that you can, the strongest, the smartest, or most beautiful is not harming others, it is being true to yourself! “Vanity Always Trumps Envy”. Love and compassion start within and must be real or everything else built claiming these constructs as a foundation are based on a falsehood and a lie.

     We work with you to develop or improve performances within the four pillars. As you begin to identify within the eight characters of who it is that you want to become within that framework. We are raw, real, and candid and we will never tolerate envy, oppression, or suppression through our own doing or from another. It is OK to become strong, smart, and beautiful – you have one life, why not make it a better one, one you are fully capable of and to do this you must develop and utilize all of your strengths then work every day to become who you want to become for YOU! Welcome to MADZOOK!  Let’s have fun, smile more, love, and be loved, and learn how to grow as a whole person while enjoying life at every opportunity!

     Our core philosophy rests with an individual responsibility for improving the tribe construct. We are all one collective sharing time and space as individuals, we opine that the etiology of any collective growth is created within individuality and personal responsibility. MADZOOK is the original work of Joe and Joy Jekel and the perspectives utilized within MADZOOK are perpetually evolving and growing much like the Madzook Tribe – a collective of nurturing and empowering souls seeking to become their fullest and live accordingly!

  • Applied Principles of Positive Psychology

  • Cognitive mentoring (working with people on their critical thinking skills, epistemology, and ontology) – exploring the various types of thinking, multiple intelligence, and forms of reasoning.

  • Communication coaching

  • Neuro – Somatic connectivity coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Personal discovery coaching

  • Motivational coaching

  • Holistic life coaching

“Providing academic constructs, experiential postulations, and results oriented programs, that are intent on building a better humanity. One born of realism and candor that enhance the development or performance of the body, mind and spirit, individually and collectively, within the four pillars: Martial – Cognitive – Spiritual – Physical”.


The Four - Pillars


Martial – Stand up for your belief, protect yourself, your principles, and those you love. Fighting is not always physical in nature but the choice to fight for your positions determines how far you will develop or enhance. We employ the philosophy that through learning multiple constructs of physical fighting principles, one will expand their individual fighting tactics and strategies for any personal battles that they may face on their own journey. We do not always get to chose the battles that we encounter! Better to be a prepared combatant than to be victimized!

Cognitive – Think critically, search for facts, and look deeper for reasoning. Commit to learning more about the next level(s). Seek to understand when wisdom, knowledge, and education, synthesize with intuition and experiential energy connections. This practice will provide you with all of the answers to the interrogatives – Who, What, When, Where, Why, What Kind Of, Which, Whose, and How! life is about the questions we ask, not the answers we choose. Asking better questions will always lead us to finding better answers.

Spiritual – Feel the senses, respect your philosophy but open your mind. Seek to become whole. Find how your spirit connects the mind & body, the affective, cognitive, and somatic connectivity. What makes you happy, what is it that you care about?

Magic, love, nature…… your essence, your being, your soul – not something that is limited to your religious ideology or absence of ascribing to any such deity based dogma. Your spirit is your soul, and it belongs to you. If you chose to believe a God, no God, or many Gods are the purpose of your soul and your spirit then that is your decision to make. We make our judgments and base our teachings on what we opine is right and wrong behaviors – thoughts come and go but behaviors and actions or inaction always remain and the energy left behind is important to the whole.

Physical – The somatic body is the vessel provided to all of us for our functional and kinetic purposes. All humanistic systemic correlations depend on it. The somatic body is what holds all physical attractions, the capacities of muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance, agility, and the speed, accuracy, or timing of our movements. Our bodies are truly our own divine temples and no one has ever used a greater descriptor thus far! You only get one, why not make it work for you!


8 Archetypes


Warrior – A protector of light, capable of wielding darkness to the extent and degree the situation requires of them without losing themselves in the process. The fighter, the champion, a centurion with the ability, capacity, and willingness to fight both physically and mentally for what they believe in, or to protect others in need by any and all means necessary.

Healer – An advocate of the light, one that possesses a special magic, through multiple combinations and potential elemental forms of physical touch, enchantment, or apothecary. One with knowledge of the holistic fundamentals that enable the soul, mind, and body to abate, or prevent afflictions of both chronic and acute etiology.

Visionary – A visionary is often confused with a dreamer. The difference is that the visionary generally holds a greater purpose with their visions. The visionary works on a plan toward achieving their dreams. Action and understanding reality are the tools of a visionary that differentiate them from a simple dreamer. A dreamer can opine on any desired outcome; a visionary will formulate the plan or install a solution to achieve the mission.

Philosopher/Sage – Knowledge is another magic that the MADZOOK lifestyle postulates as a type of powerful and mystical energy available to us all. The philosopher bestows this knowledge and shows us the differentiation’s between wisdom, and intelligence. Cognitive power is born of the free thinkers. Critical and reflective thinkers that seek the solutions and ask the questions, those that analyze and those that transcribe it, for the rest of us to understand.

The sage holds a magical element of specific wisdom into the earth sciences and the mystical manifestations. The philosophers dwell in the hypothesis, empirical data, and trial and error, the ones that show us why they make their claims or they make no such claims. The sage relies on our ability to believe in magic. The philosopher shows why the sciences support magic. Both ride the boundaries of physical and quantum constructs, and the metaphysical world. Those that discover and foster these tools are the philosophers and sages.

Jester – Where would life be without any fun in it? The Jester, the entertainer, the one that makes us smile, and laugh, sometimes at ourselves, sometimes at him or her. Laughter is a powerful medicine. A surreal magic that releases chemical and electrical processes within the body and mind, grows the spirit, and shares energy of the most positive light available – only love and sexual energy rate higher, and one could postulate that laughter edges either of those at specific times or for specific people. The absence of love is far too common, and absence of sexual energy through repression is a conditioned affliction in many societies that fear openness. Laughter is only absent when we as individuals fail to access it – it is free, available and plentiful. The Jesters among us wield this magic with absolute precision and style.

Wanderer/Seeker/Nomad – These individuals hold their own combinations of magic, they tempt fate, they do not rely on a Deity or dogma, rather they search the horizons. The voyagers that discover the new worlds, these are the individuals that know no limits and will not tolerate limitations or restriction being placed in their path. Searching for truths, and of factual accounts. These types of individuals desire to know what the meaning of life is, for both their self and for others.

Always looking at varied perspectives. Studying people and cultures, with any applications of their resolute judgments, being determined only as situations and any mitigating facts necessitate. They do not stop searching for answers; they always ask the pertinent interrogatives. They question the status quo but respect the people that wield the light. These individuals also know darkness just as the Warrior does, the Seekers recognize darkness and understands the power it holds while contemplating how to avoid it or defeat it.

Goddess – The mother, the creator of life, the source of aspiration, revered for the qualities of beauty, and wisdom that they possess. Yes, it is OK to know you are beautiful and wear it well. The Goddess does not entertain shame or guilt; she lives free and leads by example. “Vanity always Trumps Envy” (Madzook Joe, 2009)

Muse – The inspirational one, the source of our extrinsic creativity, lust and desires, the one that leads your purposes behind the designs, the being that creates emotion and passion within all that encounter her. Enchanting, inciting or intoxicating while supplying the intrinsic motivation to go the extra mile, to take the extra step, and to follow your own dreams. When we become lost, the Muse is a source of energy that motivates us to continue, expand, discover, or create.

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